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Meet SCOOT: The New Electric Scooter for Everyone

new electric scooter

A new electric scooter is now trending in 2021 as it provides an alternative form of transportation, is cost-efficient, and reduces pollution in the environment.

There are several electric scooters around the internet and stores, but if you are looking for a comfortable and comprehensive new electric scooter, solid in form and simple? The wait is over! Meet SCOOT, the new electric scooter for everyone.

A lot of people might have had a hand scooter, but what about the electric scooter? It has become extra famous after some fuel has always been in the sky, and not everyone can afford it daily. After that, each person desires this new electric scooter. 

The rise of a new electric scooter has relieved most people and has been a choice of the majority because of its fantastic experience and eco-friendly features. 

Whether it’s for going to work, going to the store, or having fun, it is worth having one of the best electric scooters just for yourself. 

Digimmi SCOOT, the New Electric Scooter X7 for You

The new electric scooter X7 is perfect for getting around town or having fun after work or school, and this new e scooter can approach speeds of 25 KPH with a range of approximately 20 kilometers. 

It is a lightweight and foldable scooter, so you can take it away with you every day, on weekends, or store it under your desk at work. We can thank the aviation aluminum alloy frame for that. With a detachable battery that can charge in under 3 hours, you will always be ready for your next adventure. 10″ tires give this scooter a smooth ride, even over bumpy pavement or gravel. The Digimmi SCOOT X7 is packed with safety features, including LED front and rear lights as well as ABS electronic braking. You can also check the product specification.

Some Features Why One Should Go with this New Electric Scooter

new electric scooter

  • Waterproof IP54
  • LED display – High definition screen will let you know all kinds of the situation at any time and control the e-scooter 
  • LED flashlight/ Headlight- Super bright headlight, high brightness LED Light. 
  • One-step folding
  • Pneumatic tire
  • Removable battery
  • Triple brake system: Electric brake, Disc/Manual brake
  • LCD Display dynamically shows speed & battery capacity
  • Can switch three-speed modes easily

Nowadays, a new electric scooter appears to be more economical and flexible than larger vehicles, primarily to commute shorter distances. 

It is an alternative mode of transportation or simply a leisure ride, getting around campus or making an eco-friendly statement; this incredible one is an all-around e-scooter that handles inclines and bumpy surfaces like a champ. 

Hence, at this period, they are in a tremendous demand for those who are tired of sitting and waiting in the traffic every day and would like to save money, should be considered to buy the new electric scooter, Digimmi SCOOT, online for a reputed service provider. 

Easy to charge and eco-friendly features:

One of the best features of this new electric scooter is an eco-friendly scooter that can reach 25 km/h (19 mph) speed, travel up to 20 km maximum range, has three-mode acceleration, and can be recharged at the next stop. 

Fuel is not used to reduce pollution, and people can still travel short distances. As short-distance travel is possible, the convenience of carrying a portable folding electric scooter in Australia in a bag can be a big incentive for their purchase. 

Help reduce noise pollution:

Vehicles are a major cause of noise pollution where you can feel uncomfortable in a crowded place. However, when you choose an electric scooter in Australia, you can travel all your way without making any noise.

Safe vehicles:

The high-quality new electric scooter for adults is designed and manufactured specifically to ensure safety and reliability, mainly when used for long hours. Of course, we know that riding the new electric scooter is not a substitute for a workout, but it will activate and begin your core and improve or develop your balance.

Riding a BREEZE

Looking for a comfortable and comprehensive new electric scooter solid in form and simple in feel, this is it. As compact as it can get, Digimmi SCOOT is an object of envy for most of its peers — thanks to its unique Urban SUV patented design.

Ergonomic Design

Tall, strong, & sturdy, SCOOT is a ride to drool over. Made with aviation standard aluminum alloy and powered with a quiet 350W motor, it can reach 25 km/h (19 mph) speed, travel up to 20 km maximum range, and accommodate a max load of 120 kg (260 lbs). With 3 speed modes, it’s easy to learn for newbies and fun for Pros.

On the Deck

The spacious deck is enough for most shoe sizes unless you wear a 13+. The deck features 18-inches by 5.8-inches of standing space and has 4-inches of ground clearance. Made of premium silicone material, the deck gives a comfortable grip and is wear-resistant.


A big plus is its pneumatic 8.5-inch wheels with ultimate shock absorption effect, so you get the benefit of riding on air. Plus, they are also tubeless means — minimal chances of getting a flat. Specifically made to grip the road and tackle terrain, but you can also say, Scoot is tirelessly yours (pun intended).

Removable Battery

New Electric Scooter

One of our favorite Pros, you can now remove the battery from the scooter to charge, and if you’re leaving the Scoot somewhere deserted, you have to carry the battery to minimize the risk of theft. Plus, you can bring an extra battery and swap it while going the distance. Quick 3 hours charging time gives you 25 km travel. Way to go!

Braking Good

New Electric Scooter

With a triple independent breaking mechanism — electronic brake, disc brake, & foot brake, you can zoom past and slow down quickly. A hand lever controls the electronic and disc brake simultaneously.

Let there be Light

New Electric Scooter

Digimmi X7 comes equipped with both front and rear built-in LED lights. The taillight flashes in sync with any of the three brakes.

High-definition LCD Screen

New Electric Scooter

The cockpit features an IP54 waterproof digital speedometer to keep you aware on the go—simple controls for mode, lights, battery level, and changing the P-settings.

It folds like a charm.

New Electric Scooter

Its sturdy stem folds in a flash and is quite handy to load to your car or bring on public transit when you’re traveling. When the handlebars are pulled out and the front wheels are put, you are there. Just under 30 pounds (12kg), you can hold Scoot with a bit of strength.


The unboxing and assembly process is a piece of cake. Inside the box, you’ll find a charger, an instruction manual, and a foldable electric scooter for adults. Outside the box—with minimal setup—you can assemble SCOOT in a matter of minutes. Twist on the handlebars, secure the brakes with the provided hex key, and off you go and come with a loud little bell.

Best Bang for Your Buck

All-inclusive, if you are searching for a reliable and affordable new electric scooter that is fun to ride and takes you places, Digimmi SCOOT is your wheel-to-be.

Once you try this new electric scooter, there is no going back. If you are the one who loves to roam and have a peaceful drive around the city then, Digimmi SCOOT X7, the best electric scooter for adults, can be your favorite partner to travel across the city with a fantastic drive experience. 

There is a wide range of best electric scooters online, but buying tested and quality products is always good when investing in the best electric scooter or vehicle.

What are you waiting for?

Shop Now! And Get your first Digimmi SCOOT X7. 

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