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How a New Smart Wristband Would Change Your life?

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In a world where almost everything is made of technology, the things we wear are creating a major impact on everyday life. Call them what you may, but more and more wrists are sporting innovative smart bands and smartwatches by the day.

One reason why smart wristbands have taken over expensive watches is how they positively impact your day and keep your activity in check. And with an overwhelming range of smart bands swarming the market, how to choose the best among the lot? This is how:

new smart wristband

When picking a new smart wristband online, if you are having trouble determining which is the best one, we got your back. 

For starters, the best new smart band should not just track everything you can need, but should be on fleek.

When buying a smart wristband, one thing to consider is how well it integrates with your fitness goals, and what makes the Digimmi smart fitness tracker one of the best smart wristbands out there..

Should you go for a New Smart Wristband or a Smart Watch?

A smart wristband is almost the same as the smartwatch in tracking movements, recording steps, and health monitoring. It’s sleeker, more sporty, health and fitness-focused and perfect to keep you on track with your daily fitness goals while keeping you connected to your phone. A digital companion that’s more than fashion.

Features to Consider When Buying a New Smart Wristband    

new smart wristband

Screen Size

The right size is 1.2 to 3 inches. Operating the screen should be hassle-free. An easy on the eye screen that shows and reads without effort is what you need to look for.. If the screen is too big, not only it feels bulky, but is also difficult to wear. 

Battery Life

More the features, less the battery life. Most premium smart watches only have 18 hours of battery life. Digimmi’s new smart wristband gives you 6-13 days of battery life with a single 2-hour charge.

Heart-rate monitor

Your new smart wristband should be that unconditional friend whose goal is to keep you heart-healthy every day. Apart from a feature to oversee your calorie burn, it should be able to monitor your heart 24/7.

High Caliber Blood Pressure Monitor

This is a must-have feature to consider. Diggimi comes packed with research-backed innovative matter-sensing technology for Blood Pressure monitoring. Having that technology literally on your hand can help you manage your overall health better.

IP68 Waterproof and Built-in USB Plug

Now you should be able to take your wristband no matter where you go. Whether while taking a bath, enjoying in a pool, or during sweaty workouts.  It’s a bare-minimum for your new smart wristband to be water-resistant. 

Easy to charge

Charging should be the last thing to worry about. Digimmi’s smart bracelet comes with a built-in USB plug that can charge on any USB block or computer without needing a cable. Big plus! 

Motion tracking

A smart band should cover basic motion modes and monitor all kinds of movement data during an exercise.

Overall Health Monitoring

Your smart wristband should let you monitor your everyday health better including sleep cycles. Digimmi RAPID makes beauty-sleep a conscious part of your life. Track your time in light, deep and REM mode, then get a sleep score to better understand your sleep quality each night. And when you need to wake up, its vibrating alarm gives just enough gentle buzz.

Independent Operation

You can use it independently from a mobile phone, dial and answer the calls, or check and quick-reply your notifications wherever you are. 

How to Integrate a new Smart Wristband with Your Fitness Routine

  • Find fitness activities you enjoy, fit into your daily life and are sustainable in the long term.
  • Set your goal, whether it is 2,000 or 4,000 steps per day and make sure to have a plan you consistently align with. Baby steps go a long way. Your fitness trainer or doctor might be able to suggest a customised plan.
  • Religiously use the tracker every day.
  • Be accountable; constantly monitor your numbers.
  • Encourage your friends and family to use trackers as well. It is beneficial in producing a social support network that can foster a sense of competition and increase your motivation. 

The Digimmi wristband has 1.23 inches display, excellent battery life that can last up to 7-14 days, a heart-rate monitor, high caliber blood pressure monitor, IP68 water-resistant feature, and it also has a built-in USB plug.

And not only this new device has it all, but it also has other features ranging from a built-in GPS, multi-sport monitoring activity, virtual pacer, and many more, making it a choice to reckon with, when buying a new smart wristband.

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