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Digimmi’s ultimate idea is simple — transit health and efficiency into people’s daily life with these contemporary tech, thought design, and friendly interface.

To make DIGital IMMIgration mainstream, have invested ourselves in teaming quality and affordability together. A quick example is a platform where you can make a deposit in two clicks, as well as a casino fast withdrawal. Global at heart, are proud to say that Digimmi of us — just smart something, but at movement in itself. Together with on way make the health and technology more conscious part of daily life.


Advanced &




RAPID is designed to inspire movement and as assist 360° well-being. Not only it can track steps, calories, and monitor sleep cycles but — with 16 sports modes — also log the main activities as cycling, running, hiking and more.

Step tracker and GPS tracking
IP68 Waterproof and built in USB plug
Built-in sports apps include GPS-enabled running, cycling, walking and mountaineering
Charge up to 2 hours and get 6-13 days of use
Alarm clock reminder and sleep monitoring
Smart notifications and smart coaching from TDI Wristband tracker Connect™ when paired with your phone
Heartbeat, Blood pressure, 3-Stage Sleep and Blood oxygen monitor
An incoming phone call, message or fb notification, It will vibrate with the information/caller name. You can also allow it to push the notifications from Twitter/WhatsApp and other APPs
Monitor Heart Rate
Monitor Heart Rate Icon
Monitor Heart Rate

Track your heart-rate trends and give yourself a pat on the back on days of optimum performance.

Run and Walk Icon

Display the workouts for your sports data. With GPS connected to your phone, view your pace, distance, as well as your exercise route map.

Running Metrics
Running Metrics Icon
Running Metrics

Monitor key aspects of your running and fitness progress by tracking distance, calories, pace and more.

Vibrations Alerts
Vibrations Alerts Icon
Vibration Alerts

A feature of communication devices to notify you of an incoming message. You can also allow it to push the notifications from Twitter/Whatsapp and other APPs.